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Temple Ghat

Lining the banks of the sacred rivers the ghats are places where people gather with their animals to water them - they cleanse their own bodies and minds - wash their clothes -  send prayers and messages to the Gods by floating them down the river and and the bodies of the dead are burned here to send them on their final journey.

Bathers on the Ghat


Two works in raku fired ceramic - approx 30cm high

Ritual by the Ganges - Ceramic Raku


Kumbh Mela

Fired and smoked clay panel - approx 30cm high


Early Morning Bathing

Raku Ceramic - approx 32cm high - Sold

Steps Down to the Ghat

Fired and smoked clay free standing piece - approx 25cm high



River Rituals

Raku ceramic - approx 30cm high  - Sold

Passage down to the Ganges - Calcutta

Free standing piece in ceramic - approx 35cm high.- Sold


Coloured Temples

Ceramic standing piece

approx 35cm high


Haircut by the Hooghly

Watercolour on paper - £250


Kumbh Mela


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