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Index of works for sale

All works are unique - hand built and finished

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Shoebill Stork POA

Blue and Yellow Macaw in bespoke glass case £2000

Page India People Places

Temple Ghat - POA

Steps Down to the Ghat £300

Haircut by the Hooghly £250

Page India Work Life

Little Shop Street Merchant sold

The Best Merchant £2050

Page Animals Birds

Palm Cockatoo £950

Large Palm Cockatoo £950

Small Lemur Looking £240

African Elephant £3000

Griffon Vulture life-size £2000

Page Work in Bronze Ceramic & Mixed Media

La Boucher £1000

Albert Sweitzer life-size resin £5000

Page Observation

Chasseur £950

Beach Baggage £350

Current prices as of available work January 2023 are

shown in this list.

Very rarely there is an edition of a bronze piece -

currently all editions are sold out.

Please note all dimensions are approximate - check

with Stuart before confirming a sale.

Depending on your location method of delivery must

be agreed before any sale. 

Some locations may incur a charge for delivery.

Conditions of sale and delivery to be agreed at point

of sale


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