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A selection of work from a wide variety of projects in many types of materials and produced in numerous techniques as the work dictated.

Diana in progressjpg_edited_edited.jpg

Diana the Huntress with her dog Phocian  - in the clay ready for casting - 1200cm - for Fortnum and Mason - London

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satyre fortnams.jpg
satyre for fortnams 2_edited.jpg

Satyr commissioned for Wallis - London - cast in GRP resin - approx 2/3 life size.

Girl with a rose 20cm - wax - sold

Trumpeting Angel - crowning piece for the roof of a coach - design for a Japanese Theme Park - clay original - approximately life size.

Life-size Homo Habilis - Early Man for large diorama in Taiwan museum - TaiPei  - modeled in clay  - cast out in wax then finished with colour and the hair inserted by hand. 

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