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waiting room.jpg

The Waiting Room - ceramic

approx 20cm long

A show of new ceramic work was made for 2019 - many pieces with an Indian theme and others with varied sources of inspiration but always with the passion for figures, people, characters. Each piece is unique - many with a subtle touch of humour - derived from the observation of everyday life.


Le Chasseur 

Ceramic - approx 45cm ht. £950

Mornington Crescent  ceramic 180cm high Sold

Windy Day  -  ceramic raku - 12cm high - Sold

Two Shoppers  - clay fired and smoked - approx 25cm high - both Sold

Beach Baggage - ceramic  - 19cm high - £350

Le Chef - ceramic 20cm - Sold

On the Victoria LIne - ceramic - 40cm high - Sold

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What to Buy? - ceramic - 35cm high - Sold

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